Question: I’m not sure we can afford the whole tuition, do you offer a payment plan?

Answer: Yes! We offer a payment plan that will suit your needs and timeline. We also have scholarships available for those that have a demonstrated financial need. We never want money to be the reason your child isn’t receiving an arts education!

Question: My child doesn’t have any experience, what do we do?

Answer: Bring them to audition! We realize that our students may not have seen sheet music before, been part of a choir, or even sung a single note - that’s OK! We accept every level of experience and build on that! We start from scratch with most of our students and teach them how to read music, understand theory, follow the director, blend in their section, and much more!

Question: Will my child or I fit in?

ANSWER: Definitely! We have students from all walks of life. The background, socio-economic situation, family make-up, ethnicity, or anything else of a person will not get in their way of fitting in at AYC. We find that a lot of our students feel like they don’t quite fit in with the other students at their school (particularly the boys), and they find “their people” in choir. The parents also make lasting friendships, particularly if they go on tour. The friendships that the children and the adults form on those trips is particularly strong.

Question: Are the tours mandatory or expected for the concert choir students because I’m not sure we’d have the money to do that?

Answer: The tours are encouraged but not mandatory. Every year, there are some children that are not able to travel for some reason or another. If your child is in that category, they will not be alone! But, we want to do our best to help make it a possibility for them by offering opportunities to help fundraise. The travel experiences are a big part of the education and exceptional performance opportunities available to AYC students. the tours are also where a lot of friendships solidify so if they don’t have a best friend in choir before they go on tour, they probably will afterwards!!

Question: If my child isn’t touring in the Spring semester, do they need to come to rehearsal?

Answer: Yes! The choir works on spring concert music, collaboration opportunity pieces, new works, sight reading practice, and theory concepts! Many times the music performed on tour is also performed in the Spring concert, therefore the whole choir learns these pieces so that they’re ready to perform in May!

Question: I’m not sure I can get my child to rehearsal since I work full-time.

Answer: We have several students who carpool. Please bring your child to audition so that we know choir placement and then discuss with the staff a solution to your hurdle. We want to make it possible for your child to attend!