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AYC’s mission…

Amarillo Youth Choirs’ mission is to provide Texas Panhandle youth exceptional concert opportunities and music education in an inclusive and encouraging environment.

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Our Programs

Since 1989, Amarillo Youth Choirs has been inspiring the youth of the Texas Panhandle to “Raise their Voices” in song. The choirs meet for only one hour per week but are able to perform at professional levels and share the stage with the likes of the Vienna Boys Choir (twice!). They frequently collaborate with other choirs across the globe, sharing their music with audiences far and wide.


There are four main choirs and two show choirs in the AYC program. We have Preparatory Choirs and Concert Choirs for both boys and girls and the show choirs are called Amici (means Friends) and Cantare (means “to sing”). Membership in all of the choirs is around 200 students, depending on the year.


Giving back to the community that sustains us is a high priority for the choir! The show choirs, Amici and Cantare, regularly give concerts to the residents at local nursing and retirement communities as well as perform for company parties, sporting events, trade shows, etc. If you’d like to have one of the choirs at your event, contact us!


AYC holds two annual camps: Raise Your Voices Summer and Winter Camp. These camps are an opportunity for non-choir members to “try out” choir membership for a day or a week and for choir members to delve deeper into their music education. The Summer edition runs for a week during the week July turns into August; the Winter edition is the first weekend in February.


There is more than just one “Y” in AYC. Why do we do what we do (the children and the music)? We believe in the importance of music education and its important role in development. Why have we been able to survive for 30 years? The quality staff, desire of the children to sing, and the support of the community. We succeed because of people like YOU! Become a donor-be a “Y.” (Find out more about our “Y” here.)


Our Impact

The skills learned in Amarillo Youth Choir can carry you beyond your high school years and on into college and your professional life! We have alumni who have been on Broadway and we have alumni that are successful business men and women. No matter your course, AYC will have a positive impact on your life.




What began in 1989 is still going strong today. The Boys Choir was our first choir and a Girls Choir was added in 2001.



percent of students receive reduced tuition

Because we want to keep our rates at a level most people can afford, we offset two-thirds of our operating expenses with donations and fundraisers instead of student tuition. With this reduction, 100% of our students receive a discounted tuition and some receive even more.



children served in ayc

Annually we have approximately 200 students in the AYC program. Over the course of 30 years, we’ve educated thousands of children!


The Artistic Team…

With decades of experience at the helm, Amarillo Youth Choir is uniquely equipped to educate and inspire young musicians with newly composed works, expert accompaniment, and deft conducting. Our artistic trio can’t be beat!


Get Involved

We would love to have YOU as part of the AYC family. Become a “Y” and you’ll learn why we do what we do. Whether you want to join the choir, volunteer your time, or financially support our mission, we need you - our community - to succeed.


Sign Up For the choir

Starting in 2nd grade, we welcome anyone interested to audition for the choir. There are audition dates throughout the year, fill out an application and get started today!

Volunteer opportunities

We are a small organization and rely on volunteers like you to get things done. Do you have special skills or just time that you can share with us? Contact AYC now to get started.

Make a Donation

100% of our students receive a reduced tuition rate of some kind. We want to offer our program to as many children as want to participate! We need YOU to do it. Donate today!