Y is for YOU!

YOU are WHY we do what we do! 

By now you probably know that Amarillo Youth Choirs exists to serve the youth of the Texas Panhandle with exceptional concert opportunities and music education. The youth are why we do what we do!

They’re our “Y”!

AYC is a true nonprofit trying to serve the many without charging too much. We can only do that with donor support. You could be why someone gets to experience AYC. You could be why we are able to fulfill our mission.

Be Our “Y” and donate today!

AYC has influenced lives for 30 years with music and experiences that are unmatched! AYC is the “Y” for some who have decided to study music education or find joy in their life or find “their people.”

what’s your “Y”?

“Focus on the Y” with Artistic Director Mel Brooks (full length video)

“Focus on the Y” with alumni McKall Garcia

“Focus on the Y” with ABCC’s Taylor Foote

“Focus on the Y” with alumni Mateo Gonzales

“Focus on the Y” with alumni Meghan Brooks